This course is an in-depth hands-on study of HTML5, CSS3 and modern web and mobile development. The course includes detailed hands-on labs and Q&A labs. The labs include multiple projects, including one beginning to end web site. 

This course allow students to build websites that automatically reflect each user’s screen resolution, device size, and viewing experience with the use of responsive web design techniques. 

This hands-on course is geared for web developers who need to learn basic JavaScript and JQuery to use with today's systems and architectures to build sophisticated web interfaces. JavaScript is simple and elegant but is often difficult to work with because it's so different from the programming languages most developers are used to utilizing. You will experience a balanced mixture of theory and practical labs to gain core JavaScript skills to ease the development of advanced web applications. If you are building for the web, learning jQuery will change the way you write JavaScript, working across multiple browsers and platforms. After this course, you will be able to hit the ground running applying essential JavaScript to projects at both an architectural as well as a line by line code.

The MySQL course provide hands-on expertise to work with Web application security, MySQL administration, networks and protocol functions; image generation, debugging and logging; authentication, and personalization.

PHP course aims to give participants a powerful open platform, for creating database-driven websites. This course training is recommended for professionals and students who wish to learn Web Development and existing developers who want to expand their skill set. It lets professionals create dynamic web pages that readily interact with databases. This is a great benefit if you wish to build web based software applications.

In the web world, the ability to build robust web applications is key. With the knowledge about ASP.NET Core MVC (that makes use of the Model-View-Controller architecture) that you will take away from this course, you will be prepared to meet this need. In today's age, it's important for you as a developer to possess the ability to separate the programming and business logic. This course covering ASP.NET Core 2 will help you develop this skillset.

In this course, the professional web developers will learn to develop advanced ASP.NET Core MVC applications using .NET Core tools and technologies. The focus will be on coding activities that enhance the performance and scalability of the Web site application. This course will also prepare the student for exam 70-486.